BenchmarkUSA™ Multi-Function Countertop Oven

These multi-function counter top ovens come with either a 12” x 3” or 16” x 3” opening. The multiple switch configuration allows for separate top / bottom heater control, enabling it to be used as a salamander, baker or oven. It has a convenient “stay on” feature that keeps the oven on and eliminating start-up time for high volume locations. It can also be used with the 60 minute timer that will shut it off for timed products. The oven has a temperature range of 90-550oF degrees making it ideal for all types of cooking applications.
It is equipped with 3” long legs that make cleaning under it easy and convenient. Unlike ordinary counter top ovens, the fully insulated stainless steel cabinet will not reach an outside temperature of over 150oF, thereby reducing the possibility of accidental burns.

  • Fully insulated for safe outside temperature
  • 3″ long adjustable legs for easy cleaning
  • Temperature range of 90-550°F
  • Separate switches for top / bottom heaters
  • Stay-on feature for high volume locations
  • Timed operation for specific products
  • Adjustable thermostat

Download Sell Sheet

54012 Quantity Length Width Height Weight Cube
Selling Unit SET 16.8 21.7 11.1 36.4
Master Case 0.0 0.0 0.0 38.6 3.3
54016 Quantity Length Width Height Weight Cube
Selling Unit SET 20.3 25.7 11.1 50.7
Master Case 0.0 0.0 0.0 52.9 4.6

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