Frothing Thermometer, 1″ Dial, 5″ Probe

  • 1” diameter dial face
  • 5” probe
  • Includes pot clip
  • Wide temperature range 0° to 220°F; -18° to 104°C
  • Recalibrates for accuracy

Calibration Instructions:
Calibration on this unit should done with a cold bath at 32°F(0°C) for a more accurate calibration.

  1. Fill cup with ice and top off with cold water and stir for 30 seconds.
  2. Insert probe into cup at least 1″ deep for 15 seconds or until the temperature reading stabilizes. Keep the probe from touching the sides or bottom of the glass.
    NOTE: If the thermometer settles at 32°F(0°C), there is no calibration needed.
  3. Use pliers and adjust the calibration nut on the bottom of the dial and turn until it reads the proper temperature, 32°F(0°C).
Item #: TMT-FT1 Category:

Quantity Length Width Height Weight Cube
Selling Unit PC 3 1 8.44 0.06
Inner Case 12 9.25 8.88 3.25 0.8
Master Case 144 19.69 18.5 11.22 13.71 2.37

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