Tips & Supplies: Protect Your Customer & Your Business

As we start the “New Normal” and establishments re-open, safety is a top priority to ensure the food you prepare and serve your customers is safe, protecting your customers and your business.

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Tips and supplies to help you start your establishments “New Normal”

Food Preparation


1. Color, which readily identifies utensils for allergen-free use in the kitchen, with allergen-safe / gluten-free items

2. Using color-coded tools prevents cross-contamination and enabling you to honor guests’ dietary requirements

3. Color is an easy way for the kitchen staff to maintain health.

Color-Coded Professional Cutlery

Color-Coded Cutting Boards

Color-coded handle reduces the risk of cross-contamination and versatile enough for nearly any cutting task Prevent food cross-contamination and minimize foodborne illnesses by promoting superior safety and sanitation

Color-Coded Kitchen Utensils

Allergen-Free Kitchen Utensils

Color-coded utensils keep staff in the know and prevent food from cross contact and contamination Prevent cross-contaminating allergens with the extensive line of Allergen-Free tools by Winco®. Whether it’s gluten, nuts or more, use this stand-out purple color as an easy identifier



1. Store food in containers with tight-fitting lids to protect against airborne contaminants and to extend the shelf life of foods.

2. Proper storage keeps raw foods and cooked foods separate and minimizes bacteria and cross-contamination.

3. Cover, label and date all containers and rotate food based on First In, First Out (FIFO) system to ensure peak freshness.

Food Storage Containers

Food Storage Boxes

Protect against airborne contaminants with airtight lids. Round shapes are perfect for stirring, while square maximizes your storage space. Mini Minimize handling with clear visibility and a lid. No need to remove the lid and place on a potentially contaminated surface.

Ingredient Bins

Ideal for protecting dry bulk ingredients with lids to keep out pests and reduce chances of mold.



1. Clean shelving regularly to stop bacterial growth, and immediately wipe spills on or under shelving.

2. Keep all products covered and stored at least 6″ above the floor to prevent contamination from pests or dirty floors.

3. Maintain separate storage areas for meat, fish, dairy and produce to reduce risk of cross-contamination

Wire Shelving

Rack Covers

Vented shelves promote air circulation. Reliable, rust-proof, sanitary shelving that can fit anywhere. Protect foods from harmful germs while in transport.

Mobile Wire Shelving

Dunnage Racks

Versatile mobile shelving carts, used for indoors or outdoors (curbside pickup). Carts are height-adjustable and on wheels to adapt to storage needs. Prevent contamination by keeping ingredients 6” above the floor away from dirt and pests



1. Keep food safe from airborne contaminants with food pans and lids rather than using aluminum or plastic wrap.

2. Lids protect against cross-contamination and make pans easy to stack.

3. Maintain safe temperatures: hold cold foods at or below 41˚F (4˚C) and hot foods above 135˚F (51˚C) during service

Deli Crock with Covers

Sheet Pan Covers

Lids maintain the freshness of your food while allowing customers to easily view your culinary creation Protects against dust, germs, bugs, and other airborne contaminants

Food Pan & Steam Pan Covers

Hot/Cold Food Transporters

Functional & decorative lids for easy access,  reducing chances of cross-contact and airborne contaminants. Indoor or outdoor curbside pickup, maintain safe food serving temperatures for hours without the use of electricity or sterno.

Time & Temperature


1. You need different types of cooking thermometers to test temperatures when you are making candy, baking bread, grilling meat, or even just storing food in your refrigerator.

2. Commercial thermometers are vital kitchen tools that ensure food is safely prepared, cooked, and served.

3. The only way to accurately read the temperature of your foods and appliances is with a thermometer.

Digital Thermometers

Infrared Thermometers

Provides accurate temperatures of on cooked foods to protect against undercooking. They have a quick readout time and a convenient size to be carried in a pocket or apron for accessibility.
Best used for: Meat, food holding, baking
Take the temperature of surfaces without coming into contact with the food. Since they don’t need to be cleaned in between uses, this makes them convenient for doing quick checks on the holding line.
Best used for: Food holding, receiving

Dial Thermometers

Dial Oven & Freezer Thermometers

Easy to calibrate and don’t require batteries for operation, making dial thermometers dependable and easy to use.
Best used for: Meat, food holding, baking
Designed to withstand extreme temperatures found inside the oven or freezer cabinets. This is more accurate than relying on temperature controls, ensuring that your foods are kept at the safe storage temperature (freezer) or cooked at the precise temperatures (oven)
Oven/Best used for: Ovens, grilling
Freezer/ Best used for: Refrigerators, freezers, cold holding



1. Merchandising products protects food from airborne contaminants.

2. Displays prevent customers from overhandling foods, while maintaining a proper temperature and humidity, to ensure your foods stay hot and fresh until they’re ready to serve.

3. Customer-facing guards that allow the customers to view the product while protecting food from airborne contaminants.

Sneeze Guard

Food Warmer

Protect food from airborne pollutants with customer-facing guards. Hinged lid allows for easy access and keeps contents safe, at perfect temperatures for hours without overcooking.

Heated & Humidified Merchandiser

Refrigerated Merchandiser

Minimize handling and protect from airborne contaminants. Maintains a perfect temperature while providing visibility throughout the store and maximizes space usage where space is an issue.
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