General Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Push & Angled Brooms
Long-wear angled bristles clean hard-to-reach places
Dust Pans
Collect debris
Wet Mops
Launderable, absorbent
Dust Mops
Effectively trap dirt, dust, lint
Mop Buckets
Efficient and user-friendly
Multi-sided maximizes visibility

Kitchen Cleaning

Spray Bottles, Sponges, Squeegees
Efficient supplies to keep surfaces clean
Utility Pails, Buckets, Towels
Ensure employee compliance with health codes
Equipment Cleaning Brushes
Long reach scrape and scrub and in tight spaces
Kitchen Brushes
Wide range of brushes for cleaning, glassware, pots and prep surfaces

Restroom & Personal Hygiene

Long-lasting brushes designed to reach narrow spaces
Waste Management
Commerical, space-saving & recycle cans
Floor Mats
Wide range of styles and functions
Protective Wear
Heavy-duty, water-resistant, ideal for either food-handling or janitorial duties
Tracy WuGeneral Cleaning