Bar Maid Glass Polisher with 3 Polishing Heads, 110V

Gently polish and dry damp glassware inside and out, simultaneously in seconds with the GP-100 and GP-3 Mini Commercial Glass Polishers. Faster than hand polishing, a single employee can polish up to 350 glasses per hour with the GP-100 or up to 290 glasses per hour using the GP-3MINI.

Significantly smaller footprint and lighter weight than GP-100 model, its space-saving design makes it the perfect size for use in hotel and restaurant bars, wine bars, wine tasting rooms or other “bar top” applications where space is at a premium or where portability is a must.

  • Easily pays for itself with huge labor savings and reduced glass breakage
  • Customers enjoy crystal clear glassware with minimal handling by staff
  • Virtually no glass breakage or associated injuries results in considerable savings in potential Workers Compensation claims
  • Removable, washable polishing heads… replacement heads and champagne flute polishing head available
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