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BenchmarkUSA "Street Vendor" Popcorn Machine Cart

BenchmarkUSA "Street Vendor" Popcorn Machine Cart

SKU: 30010
  • Spoked wheels and sturdy handle for easy transport
  • Merchandising side shelf
  • Operator-side storage & workspace
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  • MaterialStainless Steel
    Length37.25 in94.62 cm
    Width22.5 in57.15 cm
    Height32.0 in81.28 cm

  • UOMSet
    Case Pack1
    Quantity Break1
    Case Weight44.0 lbs19.96 kg

Collection: Popcorn Machines

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Replacement Parts

Part #Description
30011Bottom Shelf - SV Trolley (A)
30012Top Shelf- SV Trolley (B)
30013Right Side Panel (shelf side ) - SV Trolley (C)
30014Front Panel - SV Trolley (D)
30015Left Side Panel (handle side) - SV Trolley (E)
30024Side Shelf - SV Trolley (F,V,W)
30016Handle- Gold - SV-Trolley (G)
30022Long/ Front Leg - SV Trolley (H)
30023Long/ Rear Leg - SV Trolley (I)
30020Short/ Front Leg - SV Trolley (J)
30021Short/ Rear Leg - SV Trolley (K)
30019Axle - SV & S.Cone Trolley (L)
30017Wheel - Gold - SV Trolley (M)
30018Axle Pin - SV & S.Cone Trolley (N)
30028End-Caps for Cart Legs
30026Hardware Kit SV & S.Cone Trolley
30027Decal - SV Trolley
70011Bottom Shelf - S.Cone Trolley (A)
70012Top Shelf- S.Cone Trolley (B)
70013Right Side Panel (shelf side ) - S.Cone Trolley (C)
70014Front Panel - S.Cone Trolley (D)
70015Left Side Panel (handle side) - S.Cone Trolley (E)
70024Side Shelf - S.Cone Trolley (F,V,W)
70016Handle- Silver - S.Cone-Trolley (G)
70022Long/ Front Leg - S.Cone Trolley (H)
70023Long/ Rear Leg - S.Cone Trolley (I)
70020Short/ Front Leg - S.Cone Trolley (J)
70021Short/ Rear Leg - S.Cone Trolley (K)
70017Wheel - Silver - S.Cone Trolley (M)
70027Decal - S.Cone Trolley