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ECT-300 - Spectrum Electric Conveyor Toaster, 120V, 300 Slices per Hour

ECT-300 - Spectrum Electric Conveyor Toaster, 120V, 300 Slices per Hour

SKU: ECT-300

120V~50/60Hz, 1700W, 14.16A

  • 300 Slices Per Hour – Toast up to 300 slices of toast, bagels, buns and more
  • Adjustable Speed – Variable speed dial allows precise adjustments for doneness
  • Dual Heating Elements – A top and bottom heating element can be operated independently via a 3-position dial ideal for toasting bagels, buns, and pizzas
  • Commercial-Grade – Stainless steel body and heavy-duty heating elements designed to withstand daily use in commercial foodservice applications
  • The Winco ECT-300 electric conveyor toaster can toast up to 300 slices per hour, ideal for use in busy restaurants, diners, and buffets. An upper and lower heating element can be operated independently making this commercial conveyor toaster perfect for toasting bagels, bread, buns, and even pizzas. The variable-speed dial allows for precise speed control ensuring the perfect doneness. A wide shoot and extra wide return ramp prevent food from getting stuck for a seamless toasting experience. A rounded chute allows for toasting oversized bagels.
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  • MaterialStainless Steel
    Length14.63 in37.15 cm
    Width16.56 in42.07 cm
    Height16.38 in41.59 cm

  • UOMSet
    Case Pack1
    Quantity Break1
    Case Weight1.0 lbs0.45 kg

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Replacement Parts

Part #Description
ECT300-P1Power Cord for ECT-300, NEMA 5-15P, 14 AWG
ECT300-P2Heating Element (Upper = Lower), 900W
ECT300-P4Motor for ECT-300, 120V
ECT300-P5Cooling Fan for ECT-300, 120V
ECT300-P6Conveyor Speed Control for ECT-300
ECT300-P7Plug Socket for ECT-300
ECT300-P8Power Cord for ECT-300, NEMA 5-20P
ECT700-P1Return Chute
ECT700-P5Silicon Bushing
ECT700-P8Gear, 1'' Diameter, 12 Teeth
ECT700-P9Gear, 1-3/4'' Diameter, 20 Teeth
ECT700-P11Conveyor Belt
ECT700-P12Pass Through Chute
ECT700-P13Back Baffle Plate
ECT700-P17Conveyor Drive Shaft Assembly, Front
ECT700-P18Conveyor Drive Shaft Assembly, Back
ECT700-P19Indicator Light (Green)
ECT700-P20Indicator Light (Red)
ECT700-P21Control Knob
ECT700-P23OFF-3 Position Heating Switch
ECT700-P26Crumb Tray
ECT700-P27Feeder Rack