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EMW-1000SD - Spectrum Dial Control Commercial Microwave, 1000W

EMW-1000SD - Spectrum Dial Control Commercial Microwave, 1000W


The Winco EMW-1000SD commercial-grade microwave has a .9 cubic foot capacity and delivers 1,000 watts of cooking performance ideal for quick serve restaurants, concession stands and more. This commercial-grade microwave features an easy clean stainless steel exterior and interior and heavy-duty components designed to withstand daily use in a commercial foodservice environment. Power levels and timers are easily adjusted via an easy-grip knob. This heavy-duty microwave features an LED backlight display and interior oven light. Overall dimensions: 20.5″W x 17.9″D x 12.3″H. 120V~60Hz, 1000W, 12A.

  • .9 Cubic Foot – High-capacity ideal accommodates up to a 12” platter ideal for quick-serve restaurants, concessions stands and more
  • Commercial-Grade – Stainless steel interior and exterior and heavy-duty components are designed to withstand daily use in a commercial food service environment
  • Bottom Antenna – Motor driven bottom antenna allows for efficient energy distribution and even heating
  • Dial Operation – Power levels and time are quickly and easily adjusted with an easy-grip dial
  • 120V~60Hz, 1000W, 12A


  • ETL Sanitation CertifiedETL Sanitation Certified
  • UL Certified-Canada & USAUL Certified-Canada & USA
  • Cash & CarryCash & Carry
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    • MaterialStainless Steel
      Length20.5 in52.07 cm
      Height12.3 in31.24 cm

    • UOMSet
      Case Pack1
      Quantity Break1
      Case Weight44.09 lbs20.0 kg

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    Replacement Parts

    Part #Description
    EMWD-P10EMW-1000SD Seal Band
    EMWD-P12EMW-1000SD Axis
    EMWD-P13EMW-1000SD Pulsator Support
    EMWD-P14EMW-1000SD Stirrer Bracket
    EMWD-P15EMW-1000SD Fan Motor
    EMWD-P16EMW-1000SD Wave Filter
    EMWD-P18EMW-1000SD Fan Blade
    EMWD-P24EMW-1000SD Handle Cover (Front)
    EMWD-P25EMW-1000SD Handle
    EMWD-P27EMW-1000SD Thermostat 1
    EMWD-P28EMW-1000SD Clamp Holder
    EMWD-P29EMW-1000SD Lamp
    EMWD-P3EMW-1000SD Upper Hinge
    EMWD-P30EMW-1000SD Magnetron
    EMWD-P32EMW-1000SD Switch Mount
    EMWD-P33EMW-1000SD Rotary Arm (Big)
    EMWD-P34EMW-1000SD Microswitch 1, (W-15-202C, 6P)
    EMWD-P35EMW-1000SD Microswitch 2, (W-15-302C, 6P)
    EMWD-P37EMW-1000SD Rotary Arm (Small)
    EMWD-P38EMW-1000SD Transformer
    EMWD-P39EMW-1000SD H.V. Capacitor
    EMWD-P40EMW-1000SD Capacitor Holder
    EMWD-P41EMW-1000SD Rubber Stab
    EMWD-P42EMW-1000SD Bracket (Transformer)
    EMWD-P43EMW-1000SD Power Knob
    EMWD-P44EMW-1000SD Time Knob
    EMWD-P45EMW-1000SD Film Patch
    EMWD-P47EMW-1000SD Face Board
    EMWD-P48EMW-1000SD P.C. Board
    EMWD-P49EMW-1000SD Door Hinge Spring
    EMWD-P5EMW-1000SD Thermostat
    EMWD-P50EMW-1000SD Lower Hinge
    EMWD-P51EMW-1000SD Door Hinge
    EMWD-P53EMW-1000SD Motor Traypulsator Electromotor
    EMWD-P54EMW-1000SD Foot Stilt
    EMWD-P55EMW-1000SD Foot
    EMWD-P56EMW-1000SD H.V. Diode
    EMWD-P57EMW-1000SD Power Cord
    EMWD-P58EMW-1000SD Wiring Harness
    EMWD-P59EMW-1000SD Bottom Plate
    EMWD-P60EMW-1000SD Stirrer Assembly
    EMWD-P61EMW-1000SD Full Door Assembly
    EMWD-P9EMW-1000SD Cavity Ceramic Board